MESI ABPI MD- Automated Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Measuring Device
MESI ABPI MD- Automated Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Measuring Device
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World’s Fastest Ankle-Brachial Index Screening Device

Simple to use, automated, reliable and more affordable than ever, MESI ABPI MD provides accurate and objective Peripheral Arterial Disease diagnosis. MESI ABPI MD is extremely time-saving, improves productivity, as well as increases the patient’s and doctor’s satisfaction.

·         Simultaneous measurement of left and right ankle brachial pressure index

·         1 minute measurements

·         No human error

·         Healthcare staff friendly

·         Report printout

Compared to the handheld Doppler probe, MESI ABI MD performs an automated ABI measurement. Innovative technology enables the device to provide accurate and objective results, from which clinicians can determine the safety and suitability for compression.

Advanced error detection system

Smart software prevents false results even in the case of critical ischemia or medial calcinosis, and gives physicians all the confidence they need.

Cuff-based technology

Plethysmography sensors detect the smallest changes in volume. Ease-of-use excludes the possibility of human error. Minimal training is required; simply place three cuffs as described, press ‘Start’ and wait one minute for the results.

Unique algorithm for ankle blood pressure calculation

It is not possible to measure blood pressure in ankles with a brachial blood pressure device. MESI’s algorithm is different, developed with human ankle anatomy in mind.

Simultaneous measurement

Because blood pressure is constantly changing, simultaneous measurement is crucial to avoid error from blood pressure drift.

Accuracy is key

Unique error detection without false results

Thanks to a unique error detection system, MESI ABI MD will alert the operator to any irregularities which occur during the measurement process.

Reliable even in the case of critical ischemia and medial calcinosis

Improved plethysmographic sensors detect critical ischemia and medial calcinosis even when pressure oscillations are not available due to heavy occlusion.

Every measurement with MESI ABI MD provides sufficient information for further actions.

Elimination of blood pressure drift error

It is crucial to eliminate the delay between separate measurements on each extremity to achieve maximum ABI accuracy. MESI ABI MD conducts simultaneous blood pressure measurements on one arm and both ankles.

Cuffs are essential for ABI measurement

·         Different colors indicate where to place each cuff.

·         Each cuff is clearly labelled and includes a diagram to ensure correct placement. No training is needed as comprehensive guidelines are provided.

·         Cuffs are available in medium and large sizes.

2 in 1 : ABI, BP measurements and Pulse Waveform Recording

Expertly developed MESI ABI MD enables:

·         Simultaneous measurement of left ABI, right ABI, brachial pressure and heart rate.

·         Stand-alone measurement of brachial blood pressure and heart rate.

·         Recording of Pulse Waveform, providing big advantage in ABI interpretation.

Long lasting battery for maximum portability

During the measurement, the patient needs to be lying down.

The MESI ABI MD is equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. 30-50 readings can be taken on one full charge thereby aiding mobile use.

Save ABI measurement with MESIresults

MESIresults application comes free with the device. MESI ABI MD can be connected to a computer to provide an electronic copy or a printout of the ABI result.

MESIresults also enables information such as the name, address and logo of the healthcare institution to be imported into every measurement report.

Standard MESI ABPI MD package includes:

ABPI device

Cuffs size M (size L also available)

AC/DC power supply

USB cable

Optional accessories

MESI medical bag

MESI wheel stand with magnetic base

Cuffs size L  



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